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Over the Moon Estate Sale in Greenlake

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to bring you this fantastic sale happening this weekend – Friday August 12th through Sunday August 14! 

The address is 8208 Interlake Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103

This Large house is packed to the rim (40 years accumulation plus items from many relatives) as members of this family traveled to every continent and state, were heavily involved in politics, were huge sports enthusiasts and one member played a major part on the F-1 engine that started with NASA’s Apollo IV.  ….and they saved everything!

The ephemera here is the best we’ve ever seen!   There are items and collectibles from Seattle, the USA, around the world, and out of this world. 

Cases of great small collectibles.

Records, reel to reels and tapes.

There are sewing supplies, quilting, knitting and weaving.

We have over 3K of books!

There is also lots of Mid Century Modern furniture in great shape…WOW!

We are still sorting through the masses and will be putting up more information and photos over the next few days.


The address will be posted on our website at GGGEstateServices.com and to our E-Mail family around 7:00pm Thursday night.

Please go to https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Seattle/98103/1274292 for photos.

COLLECTIBLES: There are NINE cases of very nice jewelry and awesome collectibles. This includes political badges, skill games, figurines, cars, cufflinks, binoculars and spy glasses, patches, buttons, sewing (tatting), lots of books of stamps and many are uncirculated.


FURNITURE: This house is packed with great furniture.

The Midcentury Modern Danish dining room table by Mobler is in great condition and has two pull out leaves that make it huge!

The eight dining room chairs are by Benny Linden Design and are also very nice.

A Dozen book cases, short, tall, thin, wide…

There are three office desks, one is by Stanley and they are the perfect size for a small office.

The Predicta Kent Coffey King Headboard has two matching side tables and a large dresser with mirror, Mid Century.

The Torring Mobelfabrik King size headboard includes two attached side units/tables and a matching large dresser with a detached mirror, Mid Centry.

We also have a nice Mahogany dresser available.

The living room curio cabinet has a pair of upper glass drawers and is also Mid Century Modern.

There are also lots of end tables, a nice round coffee table, two coffee tables with inlay, easy chairs and the three decorative carved pieces (screen, stacking tables and octagon table) are from Pakistan and India.


SEWING, WEAVING, QUILTING: The star here is the 1868 hand woven blanket from Fairfield Iowa. It is in great shape and is blue, red and cream. There is also a great early hand-sewn quilt top and back in the fan design.

We have a spinning wheel made by Ashford with attachments, a table top loom made by Rasmussen with attachments and some small looms. There are also lots of unfinished knitting, quilting pieces and supplies and needlepoint items. There is a very nice Kenmore sewing machine and an earlier Westinghouse machine. We also have lots of misc. sewing items, material and lots and lots of books on weaving and quilting.

KITCHEN, GLASS and CHINA: There is a kitchen full of kitchen kitsch including a nice set of porcelain canisters and a milk shake mixer.

The Anemone Arabia Finland china set is really cool, and the Lennox Staccato set is also desirable. The Pine by Lennox set is also very nice!

The Rowland and Wards Big Game engraved glassware is rare and exceptional!

There are many early porcelain decorated bowls including some from Prussia. They are in excellent shape considering their age.

We also have an array of crystal glasses including a great set of Holmegaard of Copenhagen have their original boxes and lots of very nice cordials. We also have lots of pressed and cut glass pieces.

The flatware includes two full sets of silver plated silverware and lots of great serving pieces from many makers…early.


CLOTHING: There are some vintage ladies dresses, two of them are fantastic heavily embroidered from India. There are some men’s shirts, lots of Boy Scout uniform shirts, Levis jeans, Husky and WSU sweatshirts and t’s, and some Pendleton pieces.

We also have purses, scarves and men’s and women’s scarves.


EPHMERA BOOKS: The ephemera here is Amazing. There are many early magazines including Literary Digest, Montana, New Yorker, Sport’s Illustrated, Mad, UW’s Colum and Shuttle weaving periodicals and sheet music.

The sport programs include the Seattle Rainiers, Super Sonics, Pilots, Seahawks, Mariners, Sea Fair, some from other teams, some from the 30’s and 40’s.

The Space paper is mostly from Rocketdyne as a member of the family was the head manager of the F-1 engine used for space exploration. This includes a count-down manual used in Cape Canaveral, papers written about rocket engineering, brochures and lots of other ephemera relating to this part of the rocket. There is also a slide show presentation and even a short film.

There are over Three Thousand Books. They cover all genera’s and are from the late 1800ds and on. This includes Sports, Drama, Politics, Children’s books, cartoon, comedy, art, travel, Space, Quilting and Weaving, Fiction, Non Fiction…and everything else under the sun…no wonder why this family is so brilliant!


ART: We have many posters including circus prints, Seattle Sports, Beer Travel, a Star Wars poster and two are Dungeons and Dragons. The huge array of lobby cards from the Seattle Rep Theater dating from the beginning. The Toulouse Lautrec Posters and prints are mostly from the 60’s and range from small to large, very cool!  There are also some Charles Russel prints among other miscellaneous.

The African masks are from Nairobi and date from the 70’s and before. This also includes lots of small African animal and native carvings and other pieces from their many travels.


OFFICE: We have four office desks in this house and each were filled to the max with any office supply anyone could imaging…staplers, paper, pens, pencils…There are also three cool early typewriters, one by Smith Bros. and the other two by Remington.


AUDIO, MUSIC: The records are early and include 45’s, 33’s and 78’s and there are also reel to reel tapes. We also have a Zenith tube radio, Seikosha SP-200 printer, Magnavox Portable record player, Sony DVD home theatre system, Hallicrafters Co. shortwave radio, Magnavox console stereo, early RCA record player and large speaker, Kodak carousel slide Projector, Kenwood KR-100 Receiver, Sony C545 5-disc CD player, Sony K7100 multi channel receiver and a Sony subwoofer along with other Sony small speakers. Yikes!

The reel to reel tape machines, BELL Carillon and the very rare amplifier is also by the same maker.


GARDEN/TOOLS: There is an array of garden tools, hand tools and a 9” Craftsman table saw.

There is much much more…too much to mention…


We are adding photos daily as we set up so check- in for updates.

Again, the address will be posted on our website at GGGEstateServices.com and to our E-Mail family around 7:00pm Thursday night. We put a sign-up sheet on the door at that time and people can come by to write their name. Please sign-up only your name. We have a large staff to facilitate the sale and check-out and let as many people in as possible to minimize the line. If someone has forwarded this to you and you want to be on our personal email list, please email us at GGGEstateServices@gmail.com

Hours are Friday and Saturday, 9:00AM – 4:00PM, Sunday 10:00– 4:00PM


So come on by and say hi!

Everything’s Going Going Gone…..

See you there!

David and Cindy K.

Going Going Gone Estate Services Inc.

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